Kasie Gray
Kasie Gray
Published on April 13, 2020

I love digital planning for a ton of reasons so heres my list!

  1. Easy! all you needs is an ipad, pencil and planner!
  2. Accessible! Open it in bed, a meeting, a plane, a train.
  3. No more packing around pens and stickers!
  4. Search! you can search your handwriting!
  5. So user friendly!
  6. No need for good handwriting you can erase over and over!
  7. set goals, look back often and always know where to find them!
  8. Access your planner from your phone while you’re on the go!
  9. honestly so much more but I think thats enough to get your attention!

My planner

I use a regular ipad! linked here

Apple pencil + Pencil Cover

Goodnotes 5 app

I created a planner that not only will have people with their day to day life is but will help realtors maintain their business! A place for goals, tracking, and so much more! With over 20 bonus pages with everything from escrow tracker to cleaning schedule, this planner is completely customize-able. You can move pages around, add your own templates and customize the colors to fit your branding! The pages and tabs are all linked together to make for easy navigation!

From a user, Kassi Wilkey. ” Digital planning has literally changed my life! I love that it has all of the fun design features I loved using in my paper planner (stickers, highlighters, pen colors), but all in one convenient mess-free place. I also love that I can take it with me wherever I go and even use it on my phone. I spend most of my time in the daily pages and the notes sections, but I’m super thankful for the weekly and monthly pages that keep me connected to my big picture goals. Plus all of the extra pages really make it a one-stop-shop for me. I couldn’t live without my digital planner now 🙌🏼”

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