Redwood Valley

Redwood Valley Homes For Sale


Redwood Valley is a small town with a few stores, two gas stations and a perfect place to call home. a volunteer fire station and a couple bars.

Redwood Valley homes usually range from $300,000 and up. Homes usually range from 2 bedrooms with large lots.

In 2017 Redwood Valley suffered from a large fire that took a lot of homes from the town. Many chose to rebuild and some chose to sold. The community rebuilds day by day.

This town has two main roads, west road and east road. and then from there Road A all the way to Road N. The views frange from mountains to vineyards. The community in Redwood Valley is very strong and everyone knows their neighbor and helps out in times of need. The main events in Redwood Valley is the Firemans BBQ and 4th of July Parade.

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